i'm BACK! >:D

Truth to be told, this community WAS dead. I'm sorry that I've neglected this for too long. .____." I've spent these past few months, eating, sleeping, studying (ugh...), reading manga, so on and so forth. So this time (though my exams are next week), I'll be cleaning this place up, making it more prettiful and tidy. *3* Right now, you could see that I've changed the layout ( thanks tohoppingpotato ) and a new banner is coming up. Also, since my files are wiped out (again.... this is the third time for heaven's sake! *shakes fist*) in my PC, meaning all of my precious softwares are deleted (SAI, Photoshop, etc). Even my brushes, patterns and gradients which i haven't moved to my USB! DX Good thing my USB is safe so cheers for that. And lastly, the icons. I told you last April that i'd be posting a "huge" icon dump, but alas, there was no hope. >_____<  Oh God, I hate myself. I'll try to post icon dumps more often even if it only holds 20+ icons. So for now, please sit tight and be more patient as I recover this place.

♥ chiaki

Week 71 @ anime_crops: 3rd place

Won an icontest! :DD
chiaki.png picture by Sakura_Kinomoto_photos 
[Click for more details. :3]


Anyway, a new header is up! [Need i mention that i often change my headers? Haha. xD] This time it features Chii. Coloring it was quite a tedious job but i can say that i'm satisfiied with the outcome! :D

Hope that i'll post an icon dump soon.
♥ chiaki

icon dump [002]

#1-3 = Kingdom Hearts 2
#3-6 = Kamichama Karin
#7 = Enchanted
#8 = Stock
#9 = Twilight
#10-14 = Vampire Knight
# 15 = Special A
#16-17 = Sharpay Evans; HSM3
#18 = The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
#19-23 = Taylor Swift

Toradora = 33
TOTAL: 56 icons


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