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florissante's Journal

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Icons and other graphics by yours truly :D
A B O U T ♥ M E
French for "bloomingly"

Hiya! I'm chiaki_sakura! Or just call me Chasa or Chiaki or Chai or Chalina or whatever you want. :D Let's see, I'm 13 years old and loves fantasizing about the bishies she loves. ^3^ I love using smilies(as you can see x3 ) a lot and often use same ones over and over again. xD xD xD xD I'm aspiring to be a writer and yet i'm too lazy to even to finish a story. D: I don't even get past Chapter one! My current record for reading a book, let's say as thick as Breaking Dawn is barely 2 days. :D (Ah, can you see my addiction to smilies??? It's so smilicious) I play the piano and the recorder(heck, ANYONE can play the recorder) I sometimes feel so full of myself but i'm not really braggy. But I do love my banner, isn't SO CUTE?! *points and squeals at banner* Honestly, i really didn't care on how i look. But now, when i look at the mirror i just go I AM SO CUTE!!! xD And the weirdness continues... x3 That's all i could type for now. My fingers are getting numb. XD

♥ chiaki
R U L E S ♥
* COMMENT. I thirst for comments. Please? Onegaiiii?

* CREDIT. Or link back here. :D
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O B S S E S S I O N S ♥
Or you could just call these my fandoms. xD

Twilight <333333333

EDWARD CULLEN, my fictional boyfriend

Bishies~! I tend to cheat a lot. x3 I like Edgar from Earl and Fairy, Rayne from Neo Angelique Abyss and Tadase from Shugo Chara.

James Patterson and Stephenie Meyer, my fave writers

ANIME, of course

MUSIC - i'm so digging jmusic right now. I just LOVE Taylor Swift(she's like SO pretty, why did Joe break up w/ her???) and Natasha Bedingfield. And JoBros, the BEST boy band of all time

Books - I'm like, such a bookworm. I love TWLIGHT(lyk DUH), Maximum Ride and Daniel X

BUMPER CARS, am i weird or what? x3 x3 x3 I didn't like to ride them at first because i didn't know what the hell i was doing. But when i checked them, i was pretty good at it. Make that the BEST. x3

Roller coasters - I love the adrenaline rush
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